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  • For Information:
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A wonderful story of Love and Sweetness

It was a hot morning of June, a Monday to be precise, and as usual we had an appointment at an area to walk outside of the beach to Castelmaggiore with one of our dearest friend and her beautiful alsatian Axel is a great friend of our love of the Ute, more or less, to 7 , as all the days.

The air smelled still of street food and, perhaps, listened well, riecheggivano still screams and joyous for the holiday soccer school for children held the evening before until late..

Us the night before we were in the’ area adjacent to sporting facilities to enjoy a bit of fresh, with other friends, and furry


I don't know how it happened, but you know those moments, still a bit assonati, when the gaze wanders, but he does not see and the mind thinks, but does not see, behold at that precise moment I saw the silhouette of a snowman between two benches in the soccer field just a few metres away from me.

I immediately thought of one of those balloons in the shape of an animal that after you have made happy some of the children lying now deflated, waiting to be moved elsewhere.


Curious, I approached and to my great surprise, I realized that it was not a balloon, but a furry four-legged caught in the net of the pitch..a beautiful nose, very sad, very dirty, very thin, with who knows what stories on its legs.


We do not have to think twice, managed to get out of a hole in the net and I tried him I failed at the first attempt , then armed with a knife, I cut off the network, and with a leash of luck I managed to take it away from that uncomfortable position.



She was a female of large size, thin, emaciated, weak and fearful, certainly hungry, perhaps drawn the night before by the smell of food, and who knows how long she was in that position, I don't want to even think about it! I and Grace and our friend Marisa we gave the bottom of the snacks that we kept in a pocket and that the cagnolotta devoured with difficulty, a sip of water and then snuggle up in..

Then, as the law requires we called a vet to check the microchip, but she had not.

That day we were to start for Germany, a business trip, or what we hoped it would be seen that the work we lost both and in those situations you attack really at all.

We could not take her with us. The first thing for the state of his health and hygiene, and then also because the German laws are rightly strict on this matter, and we could not claim the properties.


The only thing to do, even if unpleasant, was to contact the kennel area for the recovery, within an hour it happened regularly


At this point, happened a strange thing, to me, and Grace , from that moment on, in our mind has formed a collective image, a common way of thinking and without consulting us on each other we have tacitly

decided that if it arrived, would have been part of our family.


After a few silent moments, we decided to give it a name, and saw that our Lioness carries a German name so we couldn't do that to call her, Gluck, and that is “lucky”, without realizing that from that day

real lucky we were!

We stayed out for Italy for a week and not a day passed that not telefonassimo to the pound to get news of his state, and indeed were eager to return to take care of it.

We remember like it was yesterday when we went to ask for custody, it was a very hot day, and to bring it in the house , I had to take her in his arms, his forces were finished..

He slept for almost two days, drinking occasionally a little water, and sometimes eating any microscopic crumb of dry bread, another would not.

It almost seemed that his body being opposed to any effort to retrieve the many days of insomnia, fatigue, and hunger..

When it finally is rested, vci we felt a degree to bring it to the wash, you can imagine what condition it was, and another frame unforgettable was his expression at the exit of the grooming, all white, fragrant, with its nasotto pink and the gleam of orange on the head, the orercchie soft, laughed, laughed

and you gongolava,as if he were reborn, a time for us a innestimabile value that has filled us with joy.


After a long time of deprivation and who knows what kind of life without a home now had lost the habit of eating, only the survival instinct had prevailed.

Surely he had someone who took care of her and wanted to well, it was educatissima, but with the

penetrating gaze that only they can have and you can talk without saying anything.


We could not nourish it in any way, no kibble, wet, and snacks.. nothing.

Mother's Grace is not given for won, and for his immense love for animals and now He has started to invent every sort of taste for invogliarla to eat, often with poor results until one day when mixing protein, a bit of olive oil , a little flour and so much love has prepared a tit-bit, which shyly day-to-day has brought back the appetite.

You can only imagine our happiness to see his eyes and his eyes shoot light, and her a bit of strength to the point that we felt that we were taking her to socialize with other furry friends, we didn't know how you would have behaved.


It took several months because He started to get closer, always making us to understand, only with the eyes, without noise , that could be smelling it,but not too much.. it was enough a look to stand up to pelosi the most “expansive”.

You remember those tiny meatballs that Mama Grace was preparing every day for Gluck?


It happened that even the pelosi's of our friends have try it and after that, they wanted more snacks “industrial” that had eaten the day before, and that we at that time we couldn't afford to buy..


To make a long story short, and while the love for her grew, and so still there would be to tell the father of a beautiful shepherd had a birthday and asked us to prepare a cake for him and all the furry friends to celebrate all together at the park.


Our first birthday cake, never forget them ever!


For the first thing because if it had not been for Gluck ,our “Cherie”, would never have seen the light, and then because once you have seen the appreciation of other pelosi has made us reflect a lot on the possibility of being able to transform the needs of our loves into something that could make happy a lot of other friends, with healthy food and simple


A nibble leads to another , a birthday cake led to another , and all of our friends have started to introduce us to so many of their furry friends could share our creazionì very good, but still very ugly Mama Grace and I were getting ready.


As already written, the work was no longer there and the only thing that interested us was that Ute, and He could eat and be vaccinated. Other not we needed.


Now I can't remember who it was, but a friend had an idea: since you like them so much , why don't you try to bring in cakes and chunks on the network?

The classic egg of Columbus, and after several attempts, asking council to the veterinarian and a nutritionist, but most of all thanking an immense Valeria Rossi, an ethologist lover of all animals and her fantastic blog

I present to you the Dog”, started our business of home made “pastry” for pelosi.


Since then, and we talk about 2011, we've come a long way .So many cakes, so many “pastries”, many parties and so much love.


There is almost seemed that He appeared in one of our worst moments and has accompanied for the paw until she realized that she had managed, with his love, his calm, to help us in any way.


Unfortunately, our" Cherie". Gluck, as it came in silence, is gone toe-to-paw another Monday.. fighting with everything he had against an evil devastating and tyrannical.


We miss immensely, like to UTE, who has fallen into depression after the loss of his reference point, his coat fawn was grey and the night was howling in his sleep.


We sometimes still hear his snoring very “zen” which made us relax, transmitting a sense of peace and we are happy to be transferred to a place more suited to his nature and the fact of having given the possibility to return to be a “dog” , with his proud look and a gentle and at the same time composed and powerful as only a great leader knows how to be..


If you had become the guide of Ute our lioness, that she could only learn from a great wise that the world of the family must be protected and loved at all costs..



Tu nous manques tant, Gluck, et nous aimons à penser que dans tous nos préparatifs il y a un peu de ton amour qui a guidé le cœur et les mains de Mamma Grazia et les miennes, pour toujours créer une nouvelle bonté pour les frères poilus.

Faisons face à la vérité: leur sourire n'a pas de prix.

Nous aimons nous souvenir de cette façon,

toujours attentif, regard protecteur vers l'horizon.

Si vous êtes toujours une colonne vertébrale dans nos cœurs, et que sa présence est toujours vivante dans notre yeux.

Ce sera un lieu commun mais vous n'avez jamais vécu et vous ne savez pas ce que vous avez perdu.


Merci Gluck, merci Cherie

tu l'aimeras pour toujours.


Sans eux tout cela serait là! Notre Chèries Ute et Gluck

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